Three important considerations when using Mendix and Fiori

Feeling the pressure of choosing between Fiori and Mendix?

 ‘No need, stress is a choice, choose the best of both worlds’

Suppose you have a SAP environment and need to realize functionality outside the standard of SAP. Then there are several alternatives. SAP Fiori, for example, enables companies to quickly build new UI apps. Since September 2017 SAP added the RAD (Rapid App Development) platform of Mendix to its possibilities. With this platform you model functionality instead of programming this. It enables to speed-up the app development enormously. So many SAP customers are questioning now when to use SAP Fiori and when to use Mendix? In support of the answer we have made an overview of important factors which play a role in this decision.

1. Development speed

2. UI, UX and mobile

3. Ease of use 

Do you want to get in the details of these three factors to see what the influence can be? You can read more about these factors in this whitepaper.

Download whitepaper "Three important considerations when using Mendix and Fiori"