OpenText Documentum

Documentum is an Enterprise Content Management solution. It has been the core product for many years of the Enterprise Content Division of OpenText. Documentum has a strong tradition of document management capabilities. Security, versioning, retention management and tiered storage of documents are strong capabilities that have endured the test of time. Since long Documentum has been prepared for the Enterprise Environment. A key feature is its scalability that allows storage and retrieval of billions of documents. In addition, it integrates seamlessly in on-premise or cloud oriented infrastructures. Over the years more capabilities were added to the Documentum suite to meet growing demands of the market. Some are listed below, just to give an idea:

  • a rendering engine to transform office documents or audio/video files to a generic format
  • a full-text search engine that provides faceted search capabilities and multi-language support
  • a High-Volume engine to support large volumes
  • a workflow and business process modeling engine
  • configurable User Interfaces

When should I use Documentum?

Answering this question is really answering another question: what problem would you like to solve? If one more of the below characteristics apply to your desired solution, Documentum could be a suitable candidate for you.

1. My ECM solution involves scale
2. My ECM solution involves a fair amount of complexity
3. I'm an Oil company in need of an ECM solution
4. I'm a Health Care or Life Science organization in need of ECM
5. I have many different business processes that require support for ECM
6. I would like to develop my ECM solution in an agile way
7. I would like to have all ECM services available through Rest API's
8. Help! I need to comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation!
9. I want to reduce Time-to-Market, infrastructure and the maintenance costs big time!

Let's dig a bit deeper into these characteristics

  • Scale and Complexity: In an Enterprise environment, the chances are that an initial 'Bare Minimum' ECM implementation will eventually grow larger and more complex. It is convenient then to have a platform at your service that allows you to expand when necessary. Even more convenient is that scale and complexity go hand in hand with Documentum.This is where Documentum can make a difference. Other ECM platforms can be highly scalable too, but allow for much less complexity and dynamics.

  • Industry Solutions: Documentum provides off the shelve Industry Solutions for a variety of industries. Save yourself the time and money of designing, building, testing en deploying an ECM solution that already exists! So, if you are in Energy&Engineering, Health Care or Life Sciences, your one-stop-shop for ECM could very well be Documentum.

  • Agile ECM: If your Industry was not listed or when you expect your ECM requirements to grow as you go along and gain more experience, Documentum can also be a good match. The combination of Documentum's extendible Object Model and rapid development tools like xCP or D2 allow you to quickly build, modify and deploy all the support for any ECM business process. We have ample real-life experience with this type of development in an Agile organization. Another approach is to consume Documentum's broad range of services through Rest API's. During EMCDell's conference Momentum Barcelona 2016 it was emphasized the vast majority of the Documentum features are or will be available through Rest API's.

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): The European Union has created a new regulation concerning data protection effective the 25th of May 2018. The regulation applies to all personal data that is processed by a European company or processed in the EU by any foreign company. The GDPR obliges you to apply different retention times to various types of data. The consumer will also have greater influence on the privacy settings of his/her data. The 'right-to-be-forgotten' is an example of this. Needless to say that Documentum is perfectly capable of accommodating this regulation within your organization.

  • Cost reduction & Maintenance: Yes, this is a surprise to many of you who have known Documentum a longer time. But nothing is more true. With Documentum 7.3 the ready-made Docker images with pre-installed Documentum software are available. It is no longer necessary to spend weeks or months installing and testing your Documentum software. Running Docker Containers allows also for an optimization of resource usage like CPU or memory. Another easy cost reduction. Next to this, Documentum is now certified with Open Source products like the Centos operating system and the PostgreSQL database. This reduces the costs for 3rd party licenses immensely. 

  • Documentum Roadmap: What became very clear at Momentum Barcelona 2016 is that Documentum is positioned as one of the three pillars of ECD. Together with InfoArchive and LEAP, Documentum gets all the attention it deserves. A good example is the initiative to tightly connect LEAP and Documentum. Documentum is there to stay!