Logistics Service Providers

Logistic companies on the move with Industry 4.0

Logistics companies are facing major changes in the coming years as digitization takes place and customer expectations are growing rapidly. New technologies make higher efficiency and new collaborative operating models possible. These technologies are reshaping the marketplace. New entrants, startups or the industry’s customers and suppliers, are also shaking up the sector. There are a number of distinct business models in the industry, although they can overlap and individual companies may operate under more than one model. ITvisors has a special focus on logistics service providers (LSP), carriers, and courier / express / parcel (CEP) companies. Postal operators, too, are relevant players in the context of logistics and CEP. We have noticed several trends in the logistics market, which can be found here.

Why ITvisors

ITvisors has unique expertise in supporting LSP in the process of digital transformation. Our customers include logistical companies which we transformed being more competitive by improving their operational excellence, product leadership and customer intimacy using Lean methods to streamline the processes based on customer value. The optimized processes are implemented in the IT-architecture using a low code development platform Mendix integrating with (SAP) ERP , WMS, TMS and other systems. Some examples of applications build to support our customers:

  • Faster integration of new customers: ITvisors created several order management systems, integrating customer web portals with the warehouse management system of the logistical service provider, automatically managing the order thru the WMS, voice picking and Carrier selection process.
  • Customer portal: ITvisors created a portal where the customer can choose the most suitable air carrier based on actual flight schemes, available cargo space and actual freight pricing. 
  • Gamification: Improving the order picking process by adding a gaming element for the workers on the order picking tablets. Also adding real time progress dashboards for the supervisors. Freight tracking portal. We created an application which gives complete transparency of the status of the total process of transport at any given moment. 
  • E-invoicing system: ITvisors created an electronic invoicing system, making digital invoices based on logistical services delivered.
  • Planning collaboration tool: We created a portal in where the whole process of creating en confirming supply en demand plans between trading partners are maintained. A unique fit for purpose solution.